MARITZA newspaper: Demonstrative center in Markovo teaches us how to build passive houses

The project and certification of a demonstration center, which will teach us how to build a passive house, has begun just a few kilometers

from Plovdiv, in the village of Markovo. The ambitious project is for construction engineers from Munich and Plovdiv, who have been trying for several years to push the passive house model to our latitudes. The construction began after the Passive House Institute Darmstadt certified the projects, says initiator Eng. Nikolay Stavrev. At present, Dr. Arch. Iva Stoyanova – the leading designer of the project – finishes the last touches of the building.
The name of the project is “Oberon 2”, which has already been realized and will operate as a center of Oberon Konzeptbau office. The center itself is a single-family house of 230 square meters, plus an office area where you can follow the building process and examine the accompanying documents to get a complete idea of ​​the Passive Hou

se standard. The idea is to monitor the process and to promote concepts, processes and tendencies, and last but not least, to get prepared for the directives accepted in the European Union which will impose as obligatory conditions for new construction after 2019, specified engineer N. Stavrev. Passive house is difficult to be placed as a concept in our market, but it is often used building practice in European countries. After 2020, Berlin will shut down 18 nuclear power plants, and measures are already being taken to tackle the shortage of electricity that will come out afterwards, says Eng. Stavrev. He also adds that permissions for the construction of buildings covering the parameters of Passive House Institute Darmstadt are issued in 2013 in Frankfurt region and this is already common practice in many municipalities and regions of Germany. Such rules are expected to become obligatory in our market as our country is an EU member!