In search of informed parthers

Dear Friends, OBERON Konzeptbau has already had two years of experience in implementing nearly zero-energy buildings, following the toughest global standards for energy efficiency. Recently we also presented our project in Plovdiv on the regular international Open Door days for buildings executed under the German Passiv Haus standard. In addition, we participate in an international consortium and implement a European project to develop a methodology to reduce the cost of such projects. Having the desire to promote nearly zero-energy buildings in Bulgaria, we organize a quiz with 10 questions and every correct answer will give the author a 1% discount on a desired quatation for designing and executing a near zero-energy building. We have to clarify that all our friends and potential investors in Bulgaria are invited to participate.

1. Why the building is filled with concrete exterior walls?

You have a concrete center

You have a reinforced yard

There is no supply of ceramic bricks in Plovdiv

The thoughts of the air impermeability test

There is a lack of builders in Plovdiv

You are looking for a lower price for the “rough” construction


2. Why the quality of all concrete elements is “sight concrete”?

Our designer can offer a small part of the building to be left without plaster, plaster, latex … and consequently reduce the price

Because there are no qualified plasterers in Plovdiv

Because you have qualified formwork and quality formwork

You want to be different from others