Passive House – Guarantee for Absolute Comfort of Living and Low Cost of Energy

“Oberon Konzeptbau” – the only company with German certificate Passiv Haus Standart Pluss for performance Despite their popularity in Europe, passive buildings still suffer negative thinking and confession in Bulgaria due to lack of awareness in society. Passive House is a world-famous and long-recognized German standard for modern, low-energy and eco-friendly construction. This standard is not the only one in the world for design and certified buildings but is widely applicable in countries like Germany and Austria known for their strategic attitude to home investment, comfort of habitation and nature.

The Passive House standard has long been introduced by many foreign municipalities as obligatory for all new buildings. More than 30,000 passive houses have already been built around the world, and many of them are built after 2000. Although, if we have to be correct, different sources declare different numbers.

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