Juli Weiss Bau: We are delighted to work with you

Dear Mr. Stavrev,

We congratulate you on the foundation of your company and wish you successes. We will gladly announce your activity in our company:

In November 1992, you participated as the head of a construction project on a contract with Juli Weiss Bau, in the construction of a residential and office building with a total value of DM 7.5 million.

Then you worked for another 4 months as Chief Construction Officer for Juli Weiss Bau in Germany, and in January 1994 you were appointed as a technician in our company.

You had achieved a lot of success in preparation our calculations since September 1994 when you had taken the responsibility of deduction of costs for the Rollnerstrae object, with a total value of 11.3 million DM.

We can confirm that you and your excellent theoretical and practical professional knowledge are in a great position to create a successful company.

With hearty greetings:

R. Schwonasser