Dyckerhoff & Wildmann: The work of your company has led us to our full satisfaction

Dyckerhoff & Wildmann

Joint-stock company

In August 2000 a contract was signed for the rough construction of a project between Calisto-Matti and Dividag. The rough construction was managed by you from 20.09.2000:

To confirm your achievements and abilities, we attach the following:

1. The work of your company has led to our full satisfaction.

2. The construction of the rooms as well as the steel-concrete works reached high standard of quality. The working process was logical and professionally carried out.

3. Your professional knowledge is excellent.

4. The deduction of costs was, according to VOB, correct and within deadline.

  1. The communication between you and Dividag has always been very professional and devoid of emotion. All concrete building problems and details were specified with you.
  2. Your good knowledge and compliance with the valid UVV have been particularly surprising. The mutual work between you and our security specialist can be considered as successful.
  3. The displacement of the plates covering the openings, which requires a high degree of precision and professional competence, has been carried out in a precise and secure manner.
  4. The building (underground garages and ground floor) were built for 5 months.

We hope that you, as an engineer of Callisto-Matti, will work with us on upcoming projects.